Sweet Goat Farm
Westport, MA

Nigerian Dwarfs

Baby Peanut, our tiniest quad, born spring 2010

Baby Cora, born spring 2012

Mr. Spock, born April 2012 

Cappy (short for Cappuccino), brother to Mr. Spock
We were bitten by the goat bug in fall of 2009 after reading Brad Kessler's "Goat Song," a lovely memoir of buying an old farm in Vermont, starting a small dairy goat herd, and experimenting with cheese-making.  In January of 2010 we purchased 2 pregnant does who gave birth in the spring to 6 healthy kids.  

6 kidding seasons later, and after adding a variety of adult goats to our herd from other New England breeders, our herd now numbers 40+.

Nigerian Dwarfs are a dwarf dairy breed (2-4 lbs. at birth and 40-80 lbs. full-grown), gentle with a sweet disposition.  Much like dogs, they have distinct personalities and unique voices.  They have a pecking order, and families form a tight bond.  We often catch grandmothers, daughters, and grand-daughters napping together in the sun.

Animal husbandry is not a task for the light-hearted.  It's hard work to keep our animals happy and healthy.  In addition to hay and grain, they need mineral supplements, lots of clean water, frequent hoof trimmings, oral medicines to treat for parasites, and twice-annual tetanus and vitamin shots.  Barns needs to be mucked each week, and fresh bedding laid down. 

Kidding season is exhilirating but also nerve-wracking.  Since this breed typically births multiples, humans must often assist in getting the babies out of their birth sacs, dried off and warm, and suckling.  On occasion the does can't cope with all the babies at once and without help, the babies can die.  We run 2 video baby monitors at night during kidding season so we can hear when a doe goes into labor.  We hand-breed our does so we know when they're due (goats have a 5-month gestation), but the birth window is 10 days, so they keep us on our toes each spring.

We have kids available for sale each spring/summer and occasionally a juvenile or milking doe or Mom with baby/babies.  If you're interested, please contact us.  Dwarf goats make wonderful pets, and since goats are browsers they make terrific brush clearers too.  Goats are herd animals and we sell them in pairs (or more) unless they're going to a home that already has miniature goats.  


Wethers (neutered boys):  $200 ea/ $350 pair

Does:  $250-$400
  • Baby/Juvenile girls (pet quality): $250
  • Baby/Juvenile girls (show quality, tattooed/registered):  $350
  • Does in milk:  $350-400
  • Adult show-quality does:  $400
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